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PremiumShield Paint Protection
Keeps your vehicle in showroom condition... year after year


Our Paint Protection products are made from either PremiumShield® 8.0 High Performance or PremiumShield 8.4 Elite® High Performance Paint Protection Film.  Both have been specifically designed for the surface protection of painted, gel coated or other vulnerable surfaces, improving functionality and allowing the conservation of visual appearance.  Both products are based on a 6.0mil (0.15mm) dual extruded urethane film with a 1.5 mil (0.04mm) clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive system (PSA).

PremiumShield 8.0 High Performance film has a full 5 year Manufacturer's warranty against crazing, cracking bubbling or yellowing from UV exposure and is ideal for those who are leasing a vehicle or who tend to replace their vehicles after 4 or 5 years.

For those who demand the ultimate in protection and durability, PremiumShield 8.4 Elite offers an additional 0.2mil (0.005mm) clear coat and it has a Lifetime Manufacturer's warranty against crazing, cracking, bubbling or yellowing from UV exposure.  PremiumShield Elite maintains its clarity, durability and superior performance over a wide range of environmental conditions, providing improved chemical and mechanical resistance (like stone chips) while offering exceptional conformability to complex shapes and curves.